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Editorial Board


Yakup Gumusalan, MD, Prof of Human Anatomy

Emeritus, Washington D.C., USA



Kahharov J. Nematovich, MD, Prof. 

Tashkent Medical Academy, Department of Surgery and Oncology, Tashkent- Uzbekistan 

Email: kahharov.jn@mail.ru

Abdulsattar Khan, MD, Assist. Prof. 

Khan King Faisal University Medical Faculty, Department of Family Medicine- Saudi Arabia

Email: drsattarkhan@gmail.com

Muharem Zildzic, MD, Prof. 

Academy of Science and Arts, Department of Medical Sciences, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Email: zildzic@yahoo.com

Leonas Valius, MD, Prof.,

Kaunas University of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine- Lithuania

Email: valius@bpg.lt

Bakir Mehić, MD, Prof.

University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Email: mehicb@bih.net.ba

Kemal S. Akbarov, MD

National Center of Oncology, Department of Radiotherapy, Baku - Azerbaijan

Email: akperovkamal@yahoo.com

Ibragimov S. Narzikulovich, MD

Scientific Head of the Department Radiotherapy and Radiology, ROSC - Uzbekistan

Email: shavkat1967@inbox.ru

Zaim Jatic, MD, Assist. Prof. 

Sarajevo University Medical Faculty, Department of Family Medicine - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Email: jaticzaim@gmail.com

Boris Itkin, MD

Medico Oncologo en Juan Fernandez General Hospital, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Email: borisitkin1@gmail.com

Ksenija Tušek-Bunc, MD, Assist. Prof.,  

University of Maribor and Ljubljana Medical School, Family Medicine - Slovania 

Email: ksenija.tusek-bunc@guest.arnes.si

Anake Kijjoa, PhD, Prof.

Chemistry of the Biomedical Sciences Institute of Abel Salazar (ICBAS), University of Porto, Portugal

Email: ankijjoa@icbas.up.pt

Carmen Busneag, MD, Assoc. Prof., 

Spiru Haret University, Family Medicine Office - Romania 

Email: carmenbusneag@yahoo.com