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Abstract - Geotrichum candidum: A rare infection agent at urinary system and review of the literature
Fulya Bayındır Bilman, Mevliye Yetik


Geotrichum is a species of fungi that can be found in every environment in nature, in soil, in water and in air. As it can be found in plants and in cereals and milk products, it has also been shown to be found in normal human flora (mucus and faeces). Geotrichum candidum, mostly saprophytic, can cause clinical picture called Geotrichosis. Neoplasms, leukosis, HIV infection, diabetes mellitus, and kidney transplantation are generally the underlying diseases in such cases. In a case in which we detected G.candidum reproduction in urinary tract infection, we aimed to present the case with its clinic findings and to review the literature.

Key words: Geotrichum candidum, Geotrichosis, fungus, immunsupressive host


Volume 8, Number 4 (2017)