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Özet - An incarcerated Amyand’s hernia: Shall we apply appendectomy routinely?
Gökhan Demiral, Muhammed Kadri Çolakoğlu, Süleyman Kalcan, Ahmet Pergel

Amyand’s hernia is a very rare clinical condition characterized by the presence of a normal or inflammed appendix within the inguinal hernia sac. It may be present as an acute apendicitis inside the sac or incarcerated hernia. Sometimes it may be asymptomatic. We report a case of 70-year-old male patient that was presented to our emergency service with a huge right inguinal mass that was diagnosed as an incarcerated inguinal hernia and underwent operation. The intraoperative findings included small intestinal segment, large omental tissue and mobile cecum with healthy appendix inside the sac. There was no sign of strangulation. Lichtenstein herniorhaphy was done without appendectomy.

Key Words: Amyand’s hernia, incarceration, appendix vermiformis

Cilt 9, Sayı 1 (2018)