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Özet - Management of Ectopic Pregnancy In Unusual Location: Five-Year Experience In A Single Center
İsmet Hortu, Levent Akman, Ali Akdemir, Mete Ergenoğlu, Özgür Yeniel, Fatih Şendağ

Objectives: The aim of this study is to evaluate the diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in patients with unusual ectopic pregnancy and present a brief review of the literature.

Patients and methods: Twenty- seven cases with ectopic pregnancy in unusual locations were classified in five groups; two cesarean scars, six cervical, six cornual, two ovarian, and eleven heterotopic pregnancies. All of data were retrospectively analyzed according to the patient’s gestational week, gestational sac location, obstetric history, treatment modality and treatment success.

Results: Eleven patients with heterotopic pregnancy treated by surgery. Five of remaining sixteen patients were treated medically and two of them required major surgical procedure (hysterectomy and bilateral internal iliac artery ligation). Minimal invasive procedures and follow-up were done each remaining patient.

Conclusion: The suspicion of the ectopic pregnancy and evaluation the whole pelvic cavity through ultrasonography are crucial for diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. Three-dimensional ultrasonography can be helpful tool for accurate diagnosis. Early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy provides patients to utilize fertility preservation as well as choice several treatment modalities.

Key words: Ectopic pregnancy, unusual location, 3D Ultrasonography, Laparoscopy

Cilt 8, Sayı 3 (2017)